Events for a Cause

Sports Day for the Differently Abled This is an athletic meet for children with physical, cognitive, visual and auditory impairments organised by Secure Giving in aid of Concern India Foundation. The inaugural Sports Day for the Differently Abled was held in 2015 at the Dharavi Sports Complex in Mumbai. The event saw over 170 children from organizations in Mumbai that work with the differently abled participate in a day of athletics. The technical partners for the event were Special Olympics Bharat, an organization that has ample experience in training and holding competitions for children with disabilities.   Inter NGO Sports Meet A sports day for disadvantaged children that includes various types of races, throws, jumps and other athletic feats is arranged annually across 7 Indian cities. The Inter NGO Sports Meet was conceptualised to inculcate a spirit of competition and sportsmanship in children and to push them to challenge themselves and surpass their limitations. It also provides an opportunity for NGOs to interact. Organised by Secure Giving, in Mumbai and Delhi, the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) lends its support, while in Bangalore, the Karnataka Athletics Association provides its professional support. The event is also conducted in Chennai, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad each year. A number of past participants have been recognized for their talent, taken under the wings of various trainers and clubs, and now compete at the district, state and national levels.   NGO Mela To provide an urban public platform to exhibit and sell the products made by the NGO beneficiaries as well as to get give them an exposure to the modern trends of urban requirements, Concern India Foundation initiates an Ongoing Mela each year. Organised by Secure Giving it is a part of the famed, annual 9-day Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in Mumbai. The Ongoing Mela provides this opportunity to as many as 70 grassroot NGOs from across the country each year. For many NGOs, this platform contributes greatly to their livelihood and for others, it goes a long way in making them financially independent, instilling confidence in their abilities and most importantly, giving them hope for a better tomorrow.   Splash A drawing competition for special children organised by Secure Giving, Splash encourages the artistic ability in children and gives them the space to express their creativity. The event gives special children from different NGOs a chance to come together and enjoy a fun-filled day of drawing, painting and colouring. The children of one programme also get to meet children from other similar programme that helps them in their social skills.